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    How do I create and build my character sheet?


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    How do I create and build my character sheet?

    Post by Sithlyone on Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:33 pm

    One of the great things about this forum is that it has a location for us to keep track of our characters. At this point however, it doesn't do so automatically (perhaps in the future it will but not right now) so we have to input the information ourselves.

    It is very easy to access and you will even be able to see key stats under your Avatar image on each post you make.

    To find your character sheet you can click your name and click "Profile" or just go to the top and click the "Profile" link.

    It will take you to a page where you see many tabs at the top, look to the right and you'll see one named "Character Sheet".

    If you haven't filled one out yet for this character, you'll see a link that prompts you to create one. Click on it.

    You'll notice that the Character sheet doesn't look like one that we are used to so it may be confusing at first but just start going through the fields and fill out the information as you come to it.

    You will also notice that most of the time it just asks for a value or a total. Put the total value into those fields. You will need to calculate the information, it will not do it for you.

    In some fields it asks for further information. These fields are there for you to place any info you feel necessary that you need to remember for those stats. For example, if you get a special defense bonus for cover you will want to put that info in there so that you can quickly see it and won't need to refer to the talent or feat that gives you the bonus.

    In the future, we may have the ability to put our character information in the signatures of our posts, that way we will always have it at the tips of our fingers. However, at this point, the character sheet is the only place we can have all that info.

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